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This Forum is for any issue regarding giftedness with children in New Zealand. For a summary of the postings to this forum, or if you have any concerns or require further information please email the Forum Manager.
RULES OF USE: Please treat others with courtesy. Offensive / unsuitable posts will be removed.
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 Available Forums
 Club Activities   Posts: 600     Last Post: 19-06-18 03:04

Discussion of past, current and future gifted club activities around New Zealand.
 Early Childhood   Posts: 2834     Last Post: 14-06-18 04:35

Discuss preschooling, diagnosis and related issues
 Educational games/books/CDs   Posts: 424     Last Post: 20-06-18 18:43

Discuss your experiences with these.
 Home Education   Posts: 1155     Last Post: 11-06-18 23:05

Discussion on educating gifted children at home
 Internet Sites   Posts: 440     Last Post: 15-06-18 18:14

Share your best sites.
 Parenting   Posts: 5761     Last Post: 20-06-18 01:51

Discuss solutions and concerns.
 Schooling Options   Posts: 6754     Last Post: 20-06-18 22:49

Discuss New Zealand Schools, one day schools and any other options.
 Services for Gifted Children   Posts: 934     Last Post: 11-06-18 23:04

For suppliers of relevant services or products.
 Tests   Posts: 1507     Last Post: 11-06-18 23:02

Discuss psychological tests, PAT tests, Australian Tests and any other such tests.
 Various Other Issues   Posts: 7050     Last Post: 16-06-18 23:36

For anything that doesn't fit within the other topics.
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