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 Very able readers
Author: Christine Bibby 
Date:   19-09-10 19:56

We have had a request from an intermediate teacher for suitable books for very able readers in Years 7 & 8. Books with substance but without themes that are either inappropriate or not of interest. This can apply to other ages as well. Could you list books that your very able reader found a satisfying read. Could you include the following where possible
Age of child when they read the book
Gender of child
Title of Book
Brief Description of contents

Thank you
Christine Bibby
Auckland Branch NZAGC

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 Re: Very able readers
Author: phi 
Date:   03-10-10 19:40

A subject dear to my heart. Keeping up with books for my year6 reader is extremely difficult. A good website to check out is They offer whole curriculums for homeschoolers but you can order books separately. They give descriptions of books and approx reading ages. The reading ages vary and some can be a bit basic. Check out titles in the library.

My best find is a very old Cassell Wide Reading Scheme from a friends mothers estate. Its a set of reading cards for recommended books. I just use it for the titles, trying to get what ones I can from the library and as they are quite old have been able to access them through the School library Service. I don't know how common this is and would be happy to assemble it in some form and share it.

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 Re: Very able readers
Author: Linda 
Date:   04-10-10 11:16

This old thread has some good lists:

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