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phorum - Educational games/books/CDs - Ipad games - any ideas?
Educational games/books/CDs

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 Ipad games - any ideas?
Author: Betty 
Date:   10-05-13 16:26


I'd like to find some quality ipad games - I don't mind the relatively low cost of these if well designed as I prefer the interface especially for my 5yo. Does anyone have any recommendations. Older son 2e (aged 7) is an exceptionally good reader but poor speller (and dreadful writer) so any ideas for games to help spelling would be welcome - I play Spelltower myself but it is a bit too hard for him. 5yo is learning to read so anything around words would be great. Both boys would also love maths games - they don't have to be exceptionally hard as older son while doing fine thinks he isn't good at Maths because there are a few kids in his class better than him - so a game that makes maths fun would be great so he can build his confidence. My kids need games that have simple rules - older son has difficulty with instructions not because he can't understand them but he just can't seem to do things sequentially.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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 Re: Ipad games - any ideas?
Author: jk 
Date:   10-05-13 21:44

just quickly before asking the kids, we all enjoyed Dragon Box last year when I was ownly allowing educational games to be downloaded.

Even my then 7 year old quickly mastered the concept.

"the educational game that secretly teaches you algebra"

It costs $8 but it kept my kids (and me) occupied.

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 Re: Ipad games - any ideas?
Author: Jo 
Date:   13-05-13 20:55

Reading Eggs has a few apps for early reading and mathematics. We have used the full reading system and found it good.

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 Re: Ipad games - any ideas?
Author: Quennoo 
Date:   06-08-13 21:16

Hi Chicktionary, and aqueduct are great!
Good luck
...we like dragonbox too!

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 Re: Ipad games - any ideas?
Author: Nikki 
Date:   25-02-14 15:27

That dragon box is cool. But does it say something about my brain (washing?) that once it stopped the pictures and went to letters I found it much easier. Lol.

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 Re: Ipad games - any ideas?
Author: Theodore 
Date:   17-03-14 08:39

We found our son loves playing this animal app called MiniPlaces on our iPad There's not a lot of math in it, but games like these helped to stimulate his interests in animals and going to the zoo as he got older.

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