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 Upside Down Brilliance
Author: Anna Baker 
Date:   26-02-14 11:15

Hi, I'm trying to locate the book 'Upside Down Brilliance' which appears to be out of print:( I'm wondering if anyone has a copy they're ready to part with or knows where I might be able to obtain a copy?
Thanks, Anna

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 Re: Upside Down Brilliance
Author: RT 
Date:   27-02-14 07:51

There are several available (via indie sellers) on
Also, abebooks has it listed (though v expensive).
It is a weirdly presented book- I found its format and layout, and her writing style, initially rather impenetrable, but perhaps that says more about me than the book?! It is full of gems, however, and we found lots of very practical teaching hints- especially for maths - so persevere with it! Hope you can get hold of it. It is in the Auckland library system too, I think, but you need to join a booking queue for it. Good luck.

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