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 Book suggestions please!
Author: Sally 
Date:   03-11-14 22:37

Hopefully I am allowed to post here, as I am not actually a member, but I am hoping someone can give me some book suggestions for my five (nearly six) year old. She is an advanced reader and I am struggling to find books for her that are suitable for her age, as she is still very innocent and very sensitive. She has been reading the Rainbow Fairies books but I have noticed that she is losing interest in them so she has moved on to books such as 'the owl who was afraid of the dark'. I've been told that many of the classic Enid Blyton books are good, but does anyone have any specific suggestions? I want her to have books to read that she enjoys but her Teacher has warned me that many of the books that she could read have completely unsuitable content. Thanks in advance for your help!

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 Re: Book suggestions please!
Author: Alison 
Date:   04-11-14 10:44

You could try Enid Blyton's The Magic Faraway Tree and sequels.

Also my daughter enjoyed the following series of books when she was younger (they're not particularly challenging but are better than the rainbow fairies IMO):

The Puppy Place books - Ellen Mile (Scholastic)
Unicorn School / My Secret Unicorn - Linda Chapman
Animal Magic series (Cat Magic, Bird Magic, Dog Magic etc) - Holly Webb
Molly's Magic series - Holly Webb
In fact "Holly Webb" (or team of writers I suspect) writes tonnes of pets/animals/magic type books for that age group, not challenging but still enjoyable for little girls who enjoy those topics.

She later moved on to Guardians of Gahoole books, and Wolves of the Beyond, but they might be a bit scary for a sensitive 5 year old.

How about some classics like Milly Molly Mandy? Or Finn Family Moomintroll?

Also the Magic Treehouse series (Mary Pope Osborne) is good for that age group, the Auckland Library system has lots of them.

Good Luck

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 Re: Book suggestions please!
Author: CC 
Date:   04-11-14 11:51

Oh this is the hardest thing isn't it?! I have veeeerry advanced readers and it's tricky finding interesting/challenging books that are still age appropriate! I usually have to give up by the time they're about 12 (and reading at university level) and let them go for it.
My DD is a bit older than yours and currently reads about 4 years ahead, and she likes adventure/mystery/magic/science stories but nothing scary, but hopefully this list will help:

pippi longstocking
milly molly mandy
peter pan
the lion the witch and the wardrobe
the wonderful wizard of oz
anne of green gables
alice's adventures in wonderland
first two harry potter books
the secret garden
half magic - recommended!
tuesdays at the castle - recommended!
jedi academy
the mysterious benedict society - recommended!
the stinky cheese man
how to train your dragon
five children and it
the borrowers
stuart little
the chocolate touch
the rats of nimh
the penderwicks
george's secret key to the universe
sideways stories from wayside school
nick and teslas's high voltage danger lab
the first third wish
lemony snicket
judy moody
nim's island
the worst witch at school
beezus and ramona
the secret science alliance
cowgirl kate and cocoa
famous five - recommended
ivy and bean
heidi heckelbeck
geronimo stilton/thea stilton books
magic school bus books
star girl books
cam jansen books
the boxcar children
encyclopedia brown
franny k stein books
where the sidewalk ends
horrible science books - not as gruesome as the horrible histories
the saturdays - recommended!
life of fred
the incredible adventures of professor branestawm
anything by roald dahl
anything by dr seuss
the 13-storey treehouse
the phantom tollbooth
the spiderwick chronicles - scary but a definite fave

under the mountain
harriet the spy
rest of the harry potter books
little women
the hobbit
the princess bride
a wrinkle in time
the last dragonslayer

I like to check out books on Amazon so you can look inside and get a feel, and a lot of the classic books are on Common Sense Media which gives you a good idea of what may be scary in them. Good luck!

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 Re: Book suggestions please!
Author: Jan K 
Date:   05-11-14 20:40

Great list CC I can't add many to it,

Mine at that aged loved the Ottoline series (Chris Riddell) quite easy but lots of fun.

Blue Balliet's Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3 and the Calder game, a bit harder, but very much enjoyed by all.

Little house on the prairie series has been read and re-read many times from that age too.

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 Re: Book suggestions please!
Author: Sally 
Date:   05-11-14 21:44

Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to list so many books, it's a huge help! I really appreciate it :-)

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 Re: Book suggestions please!
Author: LL 
Date:   06-11-14 11:51

Fantastic list CC! We had this issue (several years past it now) and totally endorse your book list!

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 Re: Book suggestions please!
Author: Greensheep 
Date:   08-11-14 20:15

I would add the nanny Piggins series by r.a spratt,
Clarice bean books by Lauren child (the chapter books rather than the picture books)

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 Re: Book suggestions please!
Author: J 
Date:   09-11-14 12:08

Hi there

I'll just add that the staff at the Kilbirnie Children's Bookshop in Wellington are always good sources for books and advice - and particularly newer ones that might take us a while to come across. One of the owner, John McIntyre reviews kid's books on the National Radio.
I've found them good over the phone, and it's a great shop to visit. Also the website:

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