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 Dictionary recommendation?
Author: TT 
Date:   28-11-14 12:07

Hi I'm trying to find a really good kids dictionary - any recommendations? I want a kids one without any dodgy words (!) and without the really formal dry definitions and unintelligible abbrevs etc. But the one we have (Oxford) doesn't have most of the words she looks up (latest example: discipline) so it's pretty frustrating. Ideas?

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 Re: Dictionary recommendation?
Author: mpledger 
Date:   02-12-14 21:49

My daughter used this one at school

New Zealand Oxford Primary School Dictionary
"This is a major new edition of this best-selling dictionary written especially for New Zealand students aged 10-12 years of age."

I thought it was ok at the time I bought it. Your best bet is to go to the biggest bookshop you can get to and have a browse.

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